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Jane's Story

Jane was a 23 year old lone parent with a 5 year old child, living in local authority housing. She had never worked, on leaving school at 16 had enrolled on a 2 year Health and Social care course at her local college but did not complete the course.

Jane was referred to Breakthrough after initially visiting her local CAB for help with budgeting as she was finding it difficult to manage after recent changes to her benefit entitlement.

Jane was keen to starting working and had recently attended an interview for the role of a care worker but had been unsuccessful. Jane felt her lack of training & experience was a big barrier to entering the workforce.

How did Breakthrough help?

With the help from a dedicated Breakthrough Money Mentor together they created an action plan and over the next few weeks and months worked together to help Jane with household  budgeting. For example, working out a food budget by keeping a spending diary for a week or two, making a shopping list and sticking to it. Janes’ Money Mentor also helped Jane to compare prices & consider switching suppliers for energy, broadband & phone and was also able to successfully reduce Jane’s water charges through an application made to a scheme ran by Severn Trent Water.

Jane was also referred to a Bureau Debt adviser and given help & support to manage her debts, an affordable payment plan of £5 per month to each creditor was put in place.  

Through conversation Jane mentioned she did not have a working cooker and was using a microwave because she could not afford to buy a replacement. Jane’s money mentor made a successful application to a local charitable trust for a new electric cooker.

With Breakthrough’s help Jane was able to apply for a Training opportunity with Princes Trust ‘Get into the NHS’ programme. Jane initially attended a taster day and was then successful in getting a place on the four week course. After successfully completing the course Jane is now participating in an 8 week traineeship. At the end of the traineeship the Client will gain an accredited qualification and have on-going assistance with finding an apprenticeship or employment.

*All names have been changed to protect identity & confidentiality

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