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Ian's Story

On entering the Breakthrough Programme Ian had several issues going on and life was very chaotic. Ian’s relationship had broken down Ian also disclosed to his Money Mentor he experienced domestic violence during the relationship.

Ian was facing eviction from his council rented accommodation due to rent arrears and under occupancy rules and feared becoming homeless.

Ian had several debts, totalling approximately £10,000 and had no idea how to address these, he had limited income due to being unemployed and had no idea what options were available to him. Ian was also concerned about managing future household finances.

All these issues were compounded by the fact that Ian had long term mental health issues and had been unable to work for several years. Due to this and everything else going on in his life Ian had no confidence and felt that ‘no one would employ him’.

How did Breakthrough help?

Ian was unfortunately evicted from the property due to the extent of the arrears and other mitigating circumstances. However, Ian’s dedicated Money Mentor was able to able to work with another agency (P3) who offered Ian accommodation quite quickly. Ian’s Money Mentor was also able to help Ian with getting Discretionary Housing Payments for help towards his rent at the start of the tenancy. 

Ian together with his Money Mentor was able to explore his options surrounding his debts and household finances. Ian decided that a Debt Relief Order was the best option to clear his debts quickly and relieve the stress he was under. Ian was also assisted with improving his financial capability by looking at household bills and budgeting skills.

Ian was helped to improve his employability. Ian’s money mentor assisted him with exploring his experience and areas of interest and with online Job searches and vacancies within the local area. Ian was also advised on training sessions ie. CV writing & interview skills.

Being part of Breakthrough meant Ian had ongoing support and a listening ear, something he felt he did not have before joining the Programme. Ian was given advice on various options available to him for help with his mental health such as seeing his Doctor, going for Counselling-IAPT and contacting Mind the Mental Health Charity.

How has Ian’s life changed since being on the Breakthrough Programme?

Overall being part of Breakthrough helped to relieve stress and tension. Finding accommodation offered security. Helping to manage debts and household finances gave Ian confidence to manage effectively in the future. After working together Ian felt better about himself, and felt able to start looking for work. 

With this increased confidence and seeing hope for the future Ian very quickly found full-time employment. Despite all that Ian had been through he could see a brighter future.  

*All names have been changed to protect identity & confidentiality

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