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Groundwork West Midlands

Money Mentors at Groundwork WM


Maddi Moon

I have been working at Groundwork West Midlands since March 2018, over my time at GWWM I have worked on a variety of different projects from helping community groups get funding for their own projects to running outdoor play sessions for children. I started working on the Breakthrough project in July 2019, my passion is helping people and I enjoy meeting the people that we work with.



James Hoare

I have worked with Groundwork West Midlands since 2017 and spent a lot of that time as a Money Mentor on the Breakthrough Project. I have a lot of experience in finance from my previous roles and a lot of that knowledge I have been able to use in the role of a Money Mentor. Being able to work with people on a 1-2-1 basis and helping them with their finances and future plans is something that I really enjoy. I have a passion for being able to help people and working on the project allows me to do that.


Paula Jadeszko

I have worked at Groundwork West Midlands since April 2021. Currently, I am finishing my Master's in Psychology at Coventry University. During my studies, I have learned a lot about mental health and how to help people to overcome their hardships. This job really ties into my course as it allows me to help individuals improve their mental health by supporting them with their financial difficulties such as their debt, teaching them budgeting skills, applying for different grants and improving their employability skills. Moreover, my previous Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Advertising as well as my previous experience: working in event management, logistics and working in the hospitality and marketing sector; gave me the advantage that I recognise the skills needed in different market sectors.


 Tia Bradley

I have been working at Groundwork since November 2021. I have a huge passion for helping people and watching them move from strength to strength. What I like about the Breakthrough project is while the project focuses on improving people’s financial situation and confidence it also focuses on building people up in other aspects of their lives such as, helping them access routes to improve their general wellbeing and furthering their education. My background is in social sciences and I have just finished my masters in Psychology. The past year doing my masters taught me some valuable insights and tools that help me with taking the time to understand people’s difficulties around their financial situation and getting them back on track and at a place where they’re feeling more financially secure and confident in their abilities.


Nulu Nawanyanga

I have worked for Groundwork West Midlands since January 2022. I have great passion of assisting people and making a huge difference in their lives and this gives me satisfaction. I did a degree in Business management from Coventry University but l decided to change career and did a masters in Psychology because of my passion for helping people and this course has equipped me with the Psychological skills and tools required to work with people’s needs. What l love about working in this job is that it gives me the platform to help people improve their Mental health and assist them to overcome financial difficulties and build their confidence.



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What People Say...

My Money Mentor has been incredibly supportive and has surpassed my expectations.  My particular case may take longer than your average clients, I am confident of a positive outcome.

Jo L.